Why Yoga

Yoga is for everyone

 At its core, yoga requires nothing more than simply noticing our breath - the length of inhales and exhales. Allowing ourselves to be present and focused on our breath can often lead us to a higher state of mindfulness - deliberately noticing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Most of us cary trauma and stress in our bodies from past experiences. Through practicing mindfulness, we can begin to notice the things we have been holding on to. Perhaps your right hip might feel tight, or you may feel tightness in your chest. This careful, deliberate, and non-judgemental observation helps us gain empathy for ourselves and others, and it allows us to respond - not react - with openness and care. 

Working with the breath, we make our way into postures and shapes that over time can assist us in experiencing the physical and mental benefits of combining mindfulness and movement. 

Physical Benefits of Practicing Yoga

  • Increased flexibility 
  • Increased muscle strength and tone
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality 
  • Releases tension located in the back, chest and hips 
  • Improves balance.  

Mental Benefits of Practicing Yoga

  • Releases stress
  • Builds compassion for yourself and those around you
  • Increases body awareness
  • Increases curiosity
  • Sharpens attention and concentration
  • Grounding

About Me


I love how yoga brings people together to be in the present moment. After my first time doing yoga 10 years ago in a packed, sweaty, hot yoga class, I loved the feeling of breaking away from the chaos and stress of my every day. I continued practicing yoga and completed my 200-hour teacher training in 2017 through Empowered Yoga. 

When I began this career path, I knew that I wanted to approach teaching yoga differently. As yoga gained popularity over the years, I noticed that the hype about it led to common misconceptions about this ancient practice.

One of these misconceptions is that you need to be very fit, flexible, and spiritual to do yoga. Another misconception is that you will only find women in any given yoga class, or that the practice is not physically challenging.

As a yoga teacher, I’ve made it my goal to show you that anyone can do yoga, regardless of fitness level or spiritual beliefs. 

Yoga can assist you in improving your flexibility and balance, build strength, and create space to take a break from your to-do list and expectations of your day to day.

I became experienced in yoga while working in male dominated industries, doing physical labour jobs that left my body aching daily. I found that yoga not only released pain from my body, but it also added value to the spiritual side of my life; it calms my mind and it has allowed me to listen closely to my body and intuition. Through teaching, I want to aid others in experiencing the positive effects yoga has had on my mental and physical wellness.

I would like to support you in making yoga part of your life, in whatever way you want it to be – whether it is a spiritual practice that helps you feel focused and grounded, or movement that aids your body in feeling release from pain.

Guided Full Body Scan

Enjoy this 10 Minute Guided Full Body Scan led by Matt! 

This exercise can be used by anyone feeling anxious or stressed, this video is guaranteed to help you relax into the present moment. 

This is the first video of many to help people improve their wellness, regardless of age or fitness level.

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What makes us different?




We are a 100% mobile yoga company able to teach classes in board rooms, private residences, and office buildings. No problem.




Limitless has a proven process that allows each customer to get the most out of their yoga and wellness experience.  




We are so sure that you will love your yoga experience that we offer a money back guarantee. If your body doesn't feel more relaxed at the end of your session then the class is free.


Flexibility and Range Assessment


Our instructors have the expertise and training to teach yoga practitioners of all fitness and experience levels. The yoga practice can be modified for all people to enjoy, no matter what past injuries they might be struggling with. 

Flexibility and Range Assessment

Flexibility and Range Assessment

Flexibility and Range Assessment

With new customers we sit down to examine the flexibility and range within their body. This can act as a guide for yoga classes.     


Private One-On-One Yoga

Private One-On-One Yoga

Private One-On-One Yoga

Private Yoga

Meant to fulfill a variety of different needs, click below to find out more!

Corporate Yoga

Private One-On-One Yoga

Private One-On-One Yoga


Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity, and bring everyone together for team building. 


Private One-On-One Yoga



Choosing to do a one hour workshop can be a great option, We offer a variety of different styles incase you are lacking the space or time for a weekly yoga class. 


Up-Coming Events

Tips for Stress Release with Gentle Movemement Workshop

C$ 10.00
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Join Matt at this workshop and gain helpful tips for stress release, learn how stress impacts the body, and learn how to practice mindfulness daily to avoid stress.

April 2nd from 7-8pm 

Live Stream on Zoom

9534- 87 Street NW

F. A. Q.


Are you trained and certified from an accredited yoga school?

Absolutely! I graduated from a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training from Empowered Yoga and Mindfulness in Edmonton, in December 2017. I have also taken Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Brandon Jacobs Yoga in April 2018. I am continuing my studies and working towards completing a 300hr teacher program. Both institutions are accredited with the Yoga Alliance of Alberta

Are beginners welcome to take corporate or private yoga classes?

Beginners are welcome to take part in all yoga classes. Through the course of my teachings I have had a lot of experience teaching newer yogis and feel confident in being able to guide them during the yoga class. 

If I practice yoga with you does that mean I have to be adjusted and touched by you?

No you definitely don’t. I acknowledge that practicing yoga can place people in a vulnerable position, and I will completely respect your space and boundaries. I will always ask if you are willing to receive adjustments or be touched. However, touch is often not necessary, as I will demonstrate poses and give cues for adjustments around or in front of the participant. 

Do you have to already be flexible and fit to practice yoga?

Not at all! You don’t have to be flexible or fit to practice yoga. You just need to be aware of your body and practice at your own pace. Flexibility and fitness are only two of the many benefits of a consistent yoga practice. 

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